Welcome to Financial Services Luxembourg.

FSCLUX is a privately run regulatory body, established in 2011 by virtue of the Financial Services Act (2010)

Main Function

FSC LUX’s Main Function is assistance and oversight for Private non-Licensed Firms and Offshore Trading – mainly OTC and OOTM Trading.


FSCLUX can assist you in a supervisory capacity during your trade to recoup a previous loss by a non-regulated entity during cross-trading.


FSCLUX Certifies and Guarantees our assistance throughout your trades.


We provide
direct solutions for clients!

FSCLUX prides itself on our direct approach to assist as a go between between the client and the representing entity to ensure a smooth trade and guarantee a positive result.

In Finer Detail

FSCLUX works direct with you

FSCLUX is here Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm to assist you

Commission Rules & Regs

FSCLUX adheres to and abides by all rules and regulations set forth by the Securities & Exchanges Acts of the United States of America, Europe, Asia & Australia

Crypto Payments

FSCLUX now has the ability to assist in facilitating your trades through Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Complaints & Definitions

FSCLUX’s fiduciary responsibility to our clients is the ability to assist where there are issues resolving and realizing the fruition of an OTC or OOTM Trade and ensuring completion with an insured guarantee.